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Air Freight

Sea-Air/Air Sea: To meet the needs of the exporters and buyers who have a deadline for their Shipments, but cannot afford Air Freight Cost, Passion-cargo Combines Speed of Air Freight and lower cost of Ocean Freight to provide AIR–SEA or SEA–AIR Service. Our experienced logisticians will cater to your individual needs and offer you the best solution possible. Main Hub for Sea/Air & Air/Sea – SINGAPORE, COLOMBO, MALAYSIA & DUBAI.

Pick & Pack: PASSION-CARGO having Pick & Pack Services by its dedicated entail taking ordered goods in cartons from several factory and combined them as per customer requirement, so they can be effectively shipped to the end customer. CTC Distributing offers a variety of flexible order fulfillment options including: breaking down pallets of cases for shipments of individual cases or pallets to fulfill customized orders and meet customer requirements.

In addition to its pick & pack, CTC Distributing offers a variety of other Value-Added Services in conjunction including:

 Poly Bagging / Shrink-wrapping
 Sorting
 Palletization
 Snake Loading
 Moisture Control

Cold Chain Services: PASSION-CARGO has well expertized team to handle Cold Chain shipments. PASSION-CARGO can fix custom made packing per each shipment by calculating temperature, lead time, cargo size etc. based on chemical engineering equation. This custom made packing enable us to arrange reliable Temperature Controlled service from origin to destination. There are mostly three types of Col Chain Service are available. These are: Frozen Transportation, Keep Cool Transportation & Special Transportation.

Palletization Services: PASSION-CARGO offer export palletization facility for wide range of industrial and commercial goods for export. The goods are palletized in a systematic manner to ensure its longevity. We make use of qualitative pallets in the palletizing process to ascertain effective storage in Container/ Warehousing and transportation of goods. Through our extensive services over the years, we offer palletization services, a method of storing and transporting goods stacked on a pallet, and shipped as a unit load. It allows standardized ways of handling loads with general mechanical equipment such as fork-lift trucks. Palletization is widely used in the Distribution & Logistics and Shipping, Transport, & Travel subjects. Appending Below few Palletization services done by PASSION-CARGO:

 Custom Palletization
 Slip Sheet Palletization
 EURO Standard Palletization
 Paper Pallet
 Wooden Pallet

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